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Conterra aims to fundamentally improve the lives of the workers who fuel the private security industry.  We're doing this by increasing quality, while reducing the cost and complexity of protecting businesses, people and assets.

Mission Plan

When the standards are raised, clients have better outcomes, and workers enjoy more fulfilling lives.


Help Businesses and Campuses Replace Large Low-Quality Teams 

Reduce incidents by hiring a smaller team of exceptional security professionals, rather than a large team with less qualifications and higher churn.


Reduce Prices and

Raise Wages

With modern technology and software, security projects don't require the bloated processes implemented by today's National and Global Security brands.

This means we can charge less, and pay our workers more.



Today, the private security industry is a "dirty industry of relationship arbitrage."

We are fixing that.  We believe that all the parties involved deserve the details, in full transparency.

Mission Plan

Happy security professionals = better service

It's pretty simple
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